To Do List:

Maybe when you're bored you could try a few things from this happy list.

1. vintage shopping at American Vintage on Hillhurst
2. Spray random things with gold or neon paint (Home depot)
3. Practice this seasons runway makeup
4. Make a fort in the living room and eat strawberries with your crush
5. Tear out your favorite magazine pictures and start an inspiration wall
6. Go through your closet and get rid of anything you don't wear
7. Get in your swimsuit, Turn on the hose and spray it up in the air to pretend its raining
8. Arrange a Malibu camping trip with all your friends
9. Go to Silverlake at 11pm and have Gelato at Sunset Junction
10. Buy some old military combat boots and weave fake daisies through the lace holes
wear them out with a pink tutu
11. with your best friend pack a midnight snack into a backpack and wear short floral dresses and jackets, then go up Laurel canyon and hunt for coyotes.
12. carry red lipstick and write love letters on all your friends mirrors.
13. Buy soft serve from the ice cream man
14. Set up a photo shoot in the front yard and take polaroids of all your friends
15. Download as many 90's songs you can remember and blast them on your stereo
16. go bead shopping downtown and make feather earrings
17. Have a yard sale with totally fun cool things, have a lemonade stand
18. Play Chubby Bunny
19. Buy new, soft bed sheets
20. Kiss everyone you meet and tell them you love them

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