Spring Things to do and buy

Tomatoe mozzarella and basil
Coconut body oil
Zinc sunscreen
Ghetto blasters
Madonna, true blue tape cassette
Bronco truck, no roof
Tarot dressed as gypsies
Polka dot, full piece bathing suits
Lemon bleach blonde
Old school phones, wire chords
High School crush (Waiting for that class he's in)
Buying my little ponies, as many as you want (now you are in your 20's!)
90's movies (Clueless, The Craft, Scream, Reality Bites, Twister, Addicted to Love, Mighty Ducks)
Boogie Boarding
Tie dying in the backyard
Hula hoop lessons
Stringing Christmas lights in summer
Spray painting your bike
cutting off old jeans
Mosquito nets
Indoor forts
naked barbies
7 minutes in heaven parties
fur rugs and fireplaces
decorating cupcakes
Avocado everything