the first magazine

I first started reading fashion magazines when I was 12, to draw the models. I was fascinated by Kate Moss, she was this super skinny, alien faced, young model who could go from un-brushed hair to superglam high fashion and look fabulous either way. My hair was just a long mess. My mother chased me around the house with a hair brush. I was sketching Kate Moss on a plane to England, 12 years old and the flight attendent stopped and said, "well look at that. Aren't you a little illustrator!" I wish I still had that sketch. I sketched this picture of her, too, in Junior High for my friend Matt Sartain. He was obsessed with her, I wanted him to be obsessed with me.

photo by Sante D'orazio (a personal favorite photorapher since High School)

Me, 12, Wishing I was as cool as the other girls in my class.