Youre amazing, no youre amazing!

Mark Hunter (AKA the cobrasnake) and I have been friends since I moved to LA and he was first starting to snap pictures at parties. Those were the days... 21 years old screaming tearing off clothes jumping in friends cars driving all over the city, Mark, only 18, in the front seat leaning back in a trashy tank top, silly hat and gold necklaces.

We talked for a long time on AIM yesterday and are gonna collaborate on a project for our friend Henrik Purienne who does "Mirage" magazine. Marks trying to get Tallulah in on it and it should be a beautiful shoot. I'm gonna cut up some wildfox shirts all trashy style and pair them with floral undies. It's something so fun to look forward to and the pictures are going to be fantastic.

If you don't already know the 23 year old success check out his website

Mark, You're amazing.

SOme select pics he's taken that I love, and some he's taken of me and my friends