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Wildfox T-shirts and jumpers are just the lazy hot slouch gear that a night of twister and goon of doom call for. The coming winter range (actually summer in the north, o' course) is called Love Bites, although it could just as easily be called Love Sucks - it's inspired by the current raft of teen vampire flicks and books, lesbian and otherwise.

Their lookbook reads "A city becomes very lonely when you kill all the boys you only meant to kiss." Such a simple yet frustrating mistake. "Boys will come and go," it goes on. "Vampires are forever."

The two vampires, I mean, designers behind the label are Emily Faulstich and Kim Gordon. No, not that Kim Gordon. Like most people who started up their own label, they began by making T-shirts that they wanted to wear.

"We set up the business two and a half years ago when we realised pretty much all T-shirts were ugly and no one made shirts we wanted to wear. We bought all vintage tees! We knew there was a hole in the market and it needed to be filled. We met with Jimmy, our investor and partner and it really took off from there," says Emily.

Emily says the ideal Wildfox girl is Chloe Sevigny or Reece Witherspoon. Kim has the cornier taste. "I love really cheesy pop and girls who just have a great time being themselves. Women who are powerful but don't take things too seriously! I have some funny ones I would die to see shirts on: Britney Spears (I love her!!) The Pussycat Dolls, all The Girls Next Door, Kirsten Dunst. I'd love to see my favorite supermodels in them- Kate Moss, Sasha Pivovarova, Lara Stone, Jessica Stam, Daria Werbowy. I wish!!"

Besides vamp lit, the duo find inspiration in people like muso Paul Simon, film directors Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola and ephemera like tablecloths or a can of soda.

Beyond the vampiric collection we can snap up from Capolla, the girls say "We never know what's next but hopefully magical things! We can tell you we have an astrology T shirt line coming out called "Nobodies perfect." It's really funny and everyone will want their sign. We will keep expanding and doing lovely photo shoots, hopefully a fun fashion show in the near future."