Mirage n me

Cass and I just went and met photographer and friend Mark Hunter (the cobra snake) and model Tallulah Morton at his house in West Hollywood. We are so excited to do a shoot with them on Thursday in Malibu, we can hardly contain ourselves. The shoot is for Mirage magazine and we are going to use lots of Wildfox T shirts and take lots of fun summery girly photos.
Marks house is covered in collectibles and fun little toys. Him and Tallulah are sitting on the couch trying to order a pizza sandwich from Rustys, "they didn' discontinue it, no!!" Tallulah exclaims in her little Australian accent. She's wearing false eyelashes and a baggy T shirt. Mark realizes it might be dominoes. We interrupt the pizza to go over looks for the shoot and he talks about pullng from "Jeremy's line" (Jeremy Scott... I try to keep my mouth closed...) and Cass and I tell him about our different ideas. He takes us on a tour of his office and Tallulah jumps in the hammock, picturesque at all moments. Mark looks the same and he smiles at me, it's really nice to see eachother again.

Cass and I are jumping with delight