90s white trash

10 am. We get the dogs in the car and drive down Santa Monica BLVD to pick up Mark and Tallulah from his house. We sit in the car and play Suzie Q, T gets in the car with us, wet hair. I have a can of whipped cream I'm eating, we all take turns with it. T has toothpaste dried to her mouth and she takes a shot of cream, smiling. "You tired?" I ask her, "yeah," she says, "we went to see Transformers last night at 12 and we didn't get out until 2am, then we got home and watched another movie... really creepy the good boy or something? Some kid tries to kill his whole family? Macaulay Culkin"
"The good son"
"Yeah, that's it!"

Mark gets in the car, he's wearing a hawaiin 90's button down open with a blue T shirt that reads super awesome mom or something and a Jurassic park baseball hat. "Nice outfit Mark." We get to his Grandpas house and the 4 of us stand outside the door like we are 13, "here it comes" says Mark, "me in 50 years". A little old man opens the door and says
"girls girls girls"
We go in, the house is amazing.

The rooms are from the 70s and all wallpapered differently. Cass and I set up all the outfits and Mark runs an errand. Cass and I go to Herves on Rodeo Dr and pick up some swimsuits. The bag is purple and I could eat everything in the store. When we get back Mark still hasn't returned and Talluhlah and I are starving so we eat a massive piece of chocolate cake intended for the shoot. We get yelled at by Grandma Ruth (not Marks real Grandma) for no reason and T gets her makeup done.

Mark shoots T jumping on the bed, Erica shows up and we put her in a Budweiser crop top and pink panties. She runs upstairs to join them on the bed.

Marks camera crew come to take video, me and T talk about how we hate being on video, "I hate when people ask me 'so what places have you been' I'm like 'I've been doing this for 5 YEARS, I don't know! Want me to list them?"
"Yeah," I say, "why do they ask you that, I'd rather know like, your favorite food or something. Like why cant they ask models that? Or even, 'do you eat at all?'" We laugh, I tell her how some supermodels eat cotton balls to stay full during fashion shows, she makes barf noises screaming, "HOW CAN THEY DO THAT??"

Cass and I pull some more outfits. Mark takes off his pants as he changes cameras, Talluhlah says "you getting naked Mark? Ooooh" and Mark says, "I'm hot! Don't embarrass me!" which is cute cause I never see Mark get shy, he slips into his shorts.

The rest of the day goes on like this with high energy and gossip and laughing and getting naked in the living room and Grandpa being hilarious and T looking so great in Wildfox shirts.
90's white trash car calender pictures, underwater pictures. Mark and T play like crazy in the pool and me n Cass watch and smile as she spits water in his face.

The sun is low now, and the light is gold. We finish shooting.
Cass, T, Erica and I all sit on the diving board, I say, "Erica, do you have brothers?" and she says "no just an older sister" I say, "you seem like someone who grew up around boys and lived by a river in the woods."
"Oh, I did! I had all guy friends and I lived in the woods in Michigan. I was such a Tomboy!" She still is. Talluhlah says, "Me too! Traveling around with my Mum in Australia I only met boys! I just love boys I get along so well with them. Like all my friends are guys." Cass says, "me too!!" and I laugh. Not me. I'm exactly the opposite. But it turns out we all grew up around nature and rivers in England, Oregon, Michigan and Australia. Maybe that's why we are all so relaxed around each other? Whatever it is, the shoot is great.
This has been the perfect day... I cant wait to see the pictures.