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Kimberley Gordon is the Co founder and former Creative Director of the brand  WILDFOX

Available freelance for photography, fashion design and art direction


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Altamira has a real eye for this

models street style! As seen in Teen Vogue, and Craigs site. Check it out it's inspiring

about him:

Hello dear readers, my name is Craig and I welcome you to my story. I came to New York City in August of 2001 with no job, no family, no friends, and no place to stay. The buzzing metropolis of NYC has brought out the best in me as I now have my own condo and an ever expanding awareness of fashion and photography. I was adopted as a baby boy of just six months from an expatriate American family in Guatemala. From there, we moved to Chicago, to Des Moines, to Buffalo, to Toledo, to Columbus....so I'm a midwesterner at heart. But I love the big city life of New York and couldn't imagine myself living anywhere else in the United States. The inspiration for altamira has been in me for a couple of years already, even before I started the site. If you've ever been to Paris and experienced the style scene near the Etienne Marcel Metro station, you'll see the area where I first began taking photos of people back in May of 2006. I waited a year until I decided to finally start altamira. The name ALTA MIRA actually is derived from the caves in Spain. When literally translated, it means, "High View"--of NYC. Thank You for stopping by and hope to "see" you again soon.

cos campaign fall 2009