Weekends and christmas parties

So, it's almost christmas and I'm gonna be going to Sun Valley, Idaho with my Boyfriend so I wont be able to post so much (maybe there will be internet in the house there?) but I'm not leaving till sunday so I'll try to do a bunch of posts before then.


Watched the September issue (finally) and my favorite part was watching Anna Wintour around her daughter. It was so sweet how she doted on her, she keeps staring at her and asking her for her opinions, you can tell she is the love of Annas life. Too bad American vogue is so hit or miss, but I still really respect that whole team. 

Went to a christmas party at a friends sisters house in Beachwood Canyon. Lily Cole and Kate Bosworth were there, both fashion icons and I admit to being a little starstruck.  Got tipsy enough to introduce myself to Lily, scary, But she was really nice and very curvy and tall in real life, with big breasts and beautiful far apart eyes. Had a Madmen marathon last night and finished christmas shopping. Madmen is amazing, I love the girls in it!!


beauty beauty everywhere.

Bee Shaffer