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Wow, it was really interesting to read your opinions this morning on the curvy article! Thanks for posting, it's def a subject to debate, isn't it? A lot of us say we want to see some "regular" bodied girls modeling instead of such extremes also,  but who is to say what's "normal" and healthy? Maybe we still dont notice when people use "healthy" girls because of the trick of pictures and posing! Lara Stone has a lovely healthy body, Lily Cole, Leatitia casta, Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof... so are we just never satisfied? We love to pick on people! Especially models. The difficulty is, it's hard to find "normal" sized girls in modeling! agencies simply dont scout them, they have "plus size" which tend to be size extra large in clothes, and then they have thin girls. The thin girls they scout get really good at modeling from working with great photographers and brands, so it's hard not to appreciate them! They really know their posing and how to work an outfit. Plus size girls tend to only model for plus size clothing lines. Clothing lines samples are generally a small or medium and the clothes simply wouldnt fit a plus model. But if scouts had more healthy slightly curvy bodied girls who were very good at posing I bet we'd see a lot more! Maybe someone should start an agency and call it "healthy" with all sorts of bodies, hmmmm, maybe one of you!


Here are some fun, healthy pics!





Wildfox is all about love and appreciation for fashion! We girls should be nice about other girls, even if they are very thin or thin according to our standards, or fat according to our standards... we should be kind to each other because models are human, we are all human and we are all women, and lord knows it's tough to be a woman no matter who you are! :)



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