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"The “cool kids” will always exist they simply take different forms. In my world they no longer sit at a certain lunch table but in their exposed brick homes high in the hills or in between magazine covers. Best of all, now I know them. Speaking of which…"


my best friend/wildfox model Brenda, is writing her blog again! GO read her highly entertaining real life diary. Oh, and Brenda, no slacking!






"I just had this awkward moment with a coworker.
Now, let me explain first that my office is way in the back so for me to make a move to go to the bathroom, it’s like, everyone knows I’m going. I have to walk through the entire office. Anyway, I go to go to the bathroom but the keys are gone.
My coworker says, “Oh, yeah, there’s only one key today and someone’s probably in there, just go wait.”
Accordingly, I go off for half a minute like WTF how do all our bathroom keys go missing?! I don’t even understand it. We have to get new ones like every week. Who takes them and why? Why do they need the bathroom key THAT BAD? Are they trying to covertly use it, make bears on the sly perhaps? Or do I work with weird klepto hoarders? I don’t know but it fucking bothers me.

But the suggestion to go wait was logical so I’m about to go do just that when the girls with the key come in and my coworker gets up and says, “I kinda have to go too, Marissa, let’s just go.”
& she takes the key
& I just stand there.
Because I really did not want to go to the bathroom with her
Because she’s
a pee talker."


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