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Kimberley Gordon is the Co founder and former Creative Director of the brand  WILDFOX

Available freelance for photography, fashion design and art direction


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Jesse Jo Stark

Jesse Jo Stark is like that girl in Junior High that you were so jealous of. The girl who got along with all the guys, but still had the coolest girlfriends. Her unique face, long, unbrushed hair, platform creepers, black knee socks and excessive, amazing jewelry has every fashion blogger proclaiming a “girl crush”. It helps that’s she’s a total sweet heart and a current muse of Mark “The Cobra Snake” Hunter. Enjoy the interview!


Kimberley Gordon- Wildfox
Jesse Jo Stark- Chrome Hearts

KG: name and age:
JJS: jesse jo stark (19)

KG: Website/blog:
JJS: i don't have either but my favorite blog is www.kayleyzryan.blogspot.com. i adore her and i love her blog

KG: What does your bed look like?
JJS: My bed used to be really fuckin high but when i moved i took off the spring and now it sits on the floor. Its big all around. You could have the most kick ass slumber party on it. All of the comfy covers are white with some funky pillow cases. My friend mark just gave me one with dinosaurs which im obsessed with. Than i have a black cashmere chrome hearts blanket scattered with crosses. And above it i have this american flag made out of pleather that my dad gave me. Favorite place to be in my apartment.

KG: What is your favorite meal of the day? What do you love to eat?
JJS: Dinner/sushi

KG: What was your favorite book in 6th grade?
JJS: Goodnight Moon

KG: Who was your first crush?
JJS: This tall blonde boy Chase. i liked him from 1st to 7th grade. Finally got to kiss him last year. It took 12 years for us to go on a date.

KG: If you were a designers muse, which designer would you choose?
JJS: Vivienne Westwood

KG: What inspires you the most?
JJS: My best friend Sam. Him and I can sit and play for days. We sew and stud and make bracelets and rings out of shit we find in our houses. He's my boy blue.

KG: What advice have you gotten from your Mom that you cherish?
JJS: “Don't listen to those bitches."

KG: Which parent or family member do you resemble most?
JJS: My dad  

KG: What do you want to be when you grow up?
JJS: I'm never growing up. I've been designing with my parents since I was 6. The first thing I ever made was this orange fur purse. It was sewn together and had a shitty, floppy handle. It was rad. I work with them now at Chrome Hearts and have also been working on a few collaborative projects that im stoked about. Music has also always been a part of my life. I've been writing and collaborating with some different people as well. Music and Design are my loves.

KG: If you could be an animal or mystical creature what would it be and why?
JJS: A dinosaur. Id be a green t-rex with black x's going down from my forehead to my tail. Id have blue toe nails and pink smokey eyes. I dont have a specific reason i just think they are interesting and i never understood why i wasn't one.

KG: Do you have any reoccurring dreams?
JJS: I always dream about clouds. Im always bouncing around from each cloud which has different cool shit on it. There's either a bunch of glitter on one with cool ink pens and a bunch of studs and vests or shit loads of candy.

KG: What were you wearing during a very memorable moment? What was the moment?
JJS: I went to a misfits concert for my friends sobriety birthday. I had leopard tights on, a black hanes sweatshirt, a beat up vest that i patched and studded, platform converse, loads of rings, and my choker.

KG: If you could befriend any famous person and make them over, who would it be?
JJS: I don't know but they would be dead so i could walk around with a famous corpse all day.
KG: If you were to advise me on making you a T shirt, what would it look like?
JJS: I'm working on it right now.

KG: Where are you going next?
JJS: Miami.


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