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Kimberley Gordon is the Co founder and former Creative Director of the brand  WILDFOX

Available freelance for photography, fashion design and art direction


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Dutch girls

I'm loving the new Dutch faces, it's like the new baby face. I like this girl a lot! I bet we start seeing a lot of her.












Melissa Tammerijn.

Descovered by
Discovered in a mall in Amsterdam for a model competition.

Big dream
"To see Lady Gaga live. I've just seen her new video with Beyoncé, they are crazy."

"My very first show season. It was show much fun!"

What's next
"After the shows I'm desperate to just chill out for 2 or 3 days in London before heading back to New York!"

Personal style
"I like to buy just a few nice pieces each season and then buy lots of vests/leggings from the high street for layers. It's so cold at the moment I can't take my faux fur coat off!"

"My new Christian Louboutin. My first pair ever. I bought myself a classic black patent court shoe."

"I can't wear jewelry as I'll only leave it behind on a shoot!"

"On my down time, I just let my hair dry naturally. It keeps it in good condition and super healthy for work."

Fashion tip
"Lots of beauty sleep! Sometimes I sleep through three alarms, can you believe that? Sometimes I can't!"

Obsessed with
The Twilight books.

Favorite dress
"I can't pick. I wore so many amazing pieces while doing the shows, it was such a luxury."

Favorite city
"London. I love the history, it's beautiful. Plus, I met a cute guy here."

Favorite music
"Something upbeat to dance to when I'm out. Also, I love at the moment the new collaboration album Broken Bells between Danger Mouse and James Mercer."

Favorite food
"I have such a crazy schedule I am always eating on the go. But I love sushi."

Favorite drink
"English breakfast tea. A little habit I've got from spending a lot of time in London."

Favorite movie
"I'm going to say Alice in Wonderland. I haven't even got to see it yet but I just know I'll love it. I like all Tim Burton's films, I'm a big fan".

Favourite book
"The Twilight books!".

Favourite designers
"A special mention to Alexander McQueen, a British icon, I loved all his work and he'll be sorely missed. Also a huge thank you to Calvin Klein for booking me for the exclusive. Now I'm going to buy that fabulous dress I wore for the show, it felt amazing".

Personal motto
"You snooze you lose".

Style icon
Brigitte Bardot.

First thing in the morning
"Check how many alarms I've missed!".

Last thing before bed
"Kiss my handsome boyfriend goodnight".

September 26th.

Born in
Delft, Holland.

Live in


Im tired of walking