That's what girls are made of.

I've always been curious about the show "The Hills" but I haven't ever watched it. Recently, after reading about Heidi Montags surgery, I wanted to get a deeper glimpse into what made this girl reshape what was already beautiful. 

I've heard a lot about the girls from the Hills via mutual friends, everything good! Genuine, nice girls without hidden agendas dealing with reality TV fame on a massive level in the ever so stereotyped Hollywood. Audrina, Kristen and Whitney have all worn our shirts on multiple occasions (thank you ladies!!) and we cast Allie Crandell (A jem of a girl) for our Spring 2010 campaign, shot by Emir Eralp. 

All of these components made my feelings for the show, after I'd watched an episode, that much stronger. Maybe I need to watch the prior seasons to understand what MTV was really going for, but basing my opinion on this episode I gathered this message from the astoundingly popular series:

Look pretty, gossip, lay out, flirt, look pretty.

It's no wonder that Heidi has a warped perception of who she should be.

The girls on the show are all incredibly, physically beautiful. Looking good in every light at every camera angle is not normal. Most girls don't look half as pretty on camera as they do in real life!

It saddens me that MTV chose the easy suck-you-in route once again, telling all girls everywhere, "this is what you should talk about, this is what you should want to be" without showing (even once in an entire episode) what these girls ACTUALLY struggle with, what they are good at, or what they dream of, even "The girls next door" show about the Playboy mansion managed to do that!

It makes me sad that Heidis family appear on the show to discuss Heidis surgery, further condoning the need for limelight on their daughters sad, and massive insecurities (that she herself even admits to, saying, " I just wanted to be happier and couldn’t fix who I was being upset with how I looked on the outside."

 These issues should be private, her mother should have the chance to tell her how much it hurts, to no longer be able to see herself or Heidis father in her childs face, and they should all be able to cry without all of the world watching. Not to mention the entire thing is cut up to death, leaving us to wonder what was actually said and what is totally out of place.

I hope those of you out there who criticize yourselves and your bodies, who look at thin girls all over the place in fashion, including here, who watch outlandishly pretty young ladies on television, who admire movie stars and supermodels and yearn to be like them can know: It is not what it looks like. Ever. 

One of my very good friends is an amazing model, she is fantastic and beautiful and I'm sure you've seen her pictures before. I've watched customers wave her off saying" we want to see this garment on a normal girl" as if she weren't even a person. What you wouldn't see by looking at her in life or in those pictures is what she goes through with her health, how she is in and out of hospital because of an organ disease she cannot treat. How it is hard for her to eat specific things, however much she may want to.

Changing your looks will never change how you feel, it may take Heidi Montag a lifetime to realize this, and her appearance will be a constant reminder to herself that once upon a time she thought surgery could make her happy. If you are struggling with your own image, anorexia, body dismorphia, yearning for surgery, try to remember your skin, your body, it's only a shell, the insides are what make you beautiful. People will love you when they love you, they will not love you more for your breasts, skin or weight... they will never love you more for these things.

The Hills script may be fake, the story may be fake, Heidi's new breasts are definately fake, but the physically detrimental effect that peer pressure, insecurity and fame have had on Heidi Montag of the Hills, is the most real account of female self destruction I've ever seen on television.


Love you guys! Hope this wasn't too heavy! Just worry about my lovely ladies out there.