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Atlanta, Little Cherry Bomb for EXIT Magazine


Photos: Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter

Makeup: Amy Chance for Chanel at Celestine Agency

Hair: Christian Marc for Renee Furterer at Celestine Agency

Styling: Emily Faulstich & Kimberley Gordon

Shoes: Irregular Choice

Model: Atlanta De Cadanet Taylor

Photo edit: Kimberley Gordon


Atlanta De Cadanet Taylor is not only Mark Hunters adventurous little muse and our personal favorite Cobra Snake babe, she is also Jesse Jo Starks BFF, Duran Duran's John Taylor and Amanda De Cadanetes love baby and Nick Valensi of the strokes stepdaughter. On top of all this her bedrooms walls are all closet space, and every item would turn any girl into drooling mess. All this and only 18 years old.

We shot this at Atlantas house in the valley, where she lives with her Mother, Nick, her baby twin siblings, and lots of dogs, including a very tiny fat one I wanted to hold for the duration of the shoot. She let us into the house, running her hands through her long messy locks, smiling, big teeth under Brigitte Bardot lips. Her low voice makes you instantly comfortable, and her swearing makes you laugh constantly. Exuding confidence, wearing pajamas, she leads us to her "room" where Emily and I try not to want everything. It is a little ironic we even brought things to style her with. Mark Hunter and her have a very comfortable, hilarious relationshio, where he pretty much tells her whatever he thinks (actually, he does that with everyone) and she basically loves him, or shuts him down without even flinching saying things like "shut the fuck up, Mark."

Popsicles, huge wedge shoes, chasing buses, bleachers and brick walls, flared jeans and floral bedsheets show just about how much fun we had with the beautiful valley girl Atlanta, who's 60's curves make us all so extremely jealous.









HOLY moly.

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