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Happy Birthday Mum!!

It's my Mum's birthday today, she is living in Ireland at the moment and then moving back to the UK, so I miss her. I've always had her close by and now she is very far away, but it's exciting. I didn't realize this when I was younger, but she has amazing taste and her subtle fashion choices over the years went unnoticed by myself until quite recently. It's funny how someone can play such a significant role in your life for so long, and you don't even see it's influence until you are old enough (mature enough?) to notice. My Mum is an incredible artist, writer, environmentalist, hard working, great dressing woman. Despite all these things and we fought a lot through my High School years. Fortunately I grew up and now see her for the ambitious, beautiful woman she is. She is the most amazing woman I've ever known. I thought I would share a few pictures of her and some great subtle "Mum" outfits that I wish I could pull off. It's hard (frustrating) shopping with her and her size 6, perfect little body :)

She may be embarrassed I'm posting these on the internet, but she needs to accept that her great style and my Dads great photos should be seen. I think they are fabulous!


Mum (Maria), Me, and little bro Jay. Favorite item: Jacket


Almost the whole fam, minus Dad. Bro Carl, Maria, jay, sister, Lucy, and me. Favorite items: Mum's yellow sweatshirt, Lucy's top and Doc Martens.


Favorite item: Mum's coat, my tiny, baby cord's



Mum's great glasses, with my little brother, Jay


Jay, Myself, Mum, favorite items: Mum's sandals and striped T shirt


Mum, Dad, Uncle Steve. Favorite items: Mum's glasses (AHHH) and denim Vest.


Me, Mum, and Jay. Favorite items: Mum's T and rolled pants.


Me and 2 models, an outtake from my Mothers costume book. She made most of these from bin liners and cardboard!


Love those shorts and shirt!


Boat shoes and binoculars, what could be cuter?


And lastly, the one she will kill me for. I love everything about it.


Love you Mum, happy birthday in Ireland!!


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