Jay Kellogg, soldier journalism

Cassandra's brother Jay came home from Iraq two years ago and it was there he discovered a love for photography. A selection of his pictures were displayed at USC in very large format. I find them very powerful, they represent the war in a real way and are not even slightly romanticised. Sometimes after looking at fashion for so long, living in a rosy haze of magical beauty, it can be refreshing and awakening to see a new artist working with his shocking reality. I hope Jay pushes himself to keep his new photo passion going, and the same to all of you in all walks of life who are discovering their dreams.

Enjoy :)

"Talking to Strangers"

You can watch him here and hear his story. It's very touching.



If you want to share anything with Jay about his pictures or ask him about his experience, or if you know someone who is in Iraq currently you want to talk about, feel free to comment here and I will send Jay the link!