Hi ladies, we are looking for an intern to start in May. This is a full time internship and can be for your school internship. A school intern is preferable!

We have some very serious requirements for this internship

You must have an extensive knowledge of Photoshop and if you are also proficient in illustrator this will help.  It will be Mon-Thurs 10am to 6pm for 4 months.

It is a lot of work and you will gain immense knowledge in all the things required to attain a job in the fashion industry.

This is not a "get us coffee" kind of internship, you will actually become a necessary asset to the company for the time you are with us, so it is important that you have advanced computer skills.


Please let me know if you are interested. We currently have a great intern from the University of Leeds  in the U.K. and we will miss her dearly when she goes home in June. She and I will be training whomever is selected.


Please send your portfolio and resume, list of skills and hobbies, a list of your favorite designers, and any website/blog info!