Black lace, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

This shoot by Mario Testino for Harpers Bazaar is amazing, you can tell it's from the 90's but I love how trends come back around in the form of their era! I love how you can pin point a year a picture was taken just by subconsciously noticing the subtle differences.

Garment fits, cuts and lengths (a lot of high water and too-short sleeves in the 90s) Lipliner, eyebrows (very recognizable eyebrow trends, ours will probably be bushy and or bleached) Hair highlights, lifts and styles, and every time the shoes (or lack of shoes) say a lot about an image. I notice a lot of barefeet shot in a particular way in the 1990's!

Also real film, that lovely, grainy texture that digital cannot reproduce, no matter how good you are at photoshop!