Every day beauty products

This may be a boring post, but a reader requested it and I think it can be helpful in case you are looking for a new product.

I am obsessed with Shiseido lipliner and compacts, and Chanel compacts are amazing but they dont have my color :( MAC Strobe cream on top makes your skin glowy. I used to use cheap concealer in High school and in my early 20s, I used to get the worst break outs but I realized it is from using CHEAP CONCEALER! No one tells you this but it is really bad for your skin and sells the product if your skin gets worse (you buy more) there is an ingredient in cheap concealer that clogs pores, it is also in MAC concealer. Only buy the best it changes your skin completely and protects it from the sun! I love Nivea creams and lip balm, Yves Rocher Anti fatugue feels so good at night and evian face spray is so refreshing for my skin, especially to carry around in the summer. I couldn't live without Neutrogena makeup remover pads, don't settle for the cheaper ones the neutrogena are so much better. L'oreal Ever Pure is the only conditioner I have found that makes my hair as soft as the little conditioners in dye boxes. It is SO AMAZING. Sally Hansen Airbrush legs is like a spray on tan you can wash off at night and it doesn't rub off on sheets or anything, it also covers imperfections and makes your legs look flawless, its gross to put on cause it's so dark but it's worth it.