Personal post: My house, Los Angeles

I love living in LA, I didn't always love it but after a while you make those permanent friends and find that home  you love and part of LA you love,

I love my home and I love Silverlake! CA is amazing for space and I have a big 4 bedroom house that is not exactly "decorated" in any particular way,

but more just a collection of junk and nice things I've gathered along the way. Thought I'd share the space were I create the most and get inspired the most!

Me on my bed with my dog, stella.

Stella playing with her toy

Addiction to Pellegrino sodas....


Some favorite books


This is my mess room, I sit on this bed and paint and watch 90s DVDs, like Dawsons or My So Called Life and Sex and the City. It's constantly covered in clothes.

My Mum send me beautiful passages! This poet/auther has an INCREDIBLE touching short story collection. Read it!

A framed photo by Jock Sturges, an extremley talented man who photographs pre teen friends and family at a nudest beach in France. His work is exremely controversial,

but I find it stunning, and the only reference out there that doesn't teach us to be afraid and of adolescent nudity. His work has helped me learn figure drawing outside

of classes.

I find roses incredibly inspiring!

A pastel box of chocolates from one of my favorite restaurants in LA, Bottega Louis.

Rose room spray

Where we all gather in the evenings! By the fire...

My small kitchen

Handmade tile coasters from Meredith for my birthday :)