Oh So Real Girls

This post is essentially my love letter to Jemima Kirke and Lena Dunham

If anyone should happen to know these two fabulous women please send them my way. I cant express how much I love the new HBO show, "Girls", I almost feel jealous watching it because it's a show I would have loved to make or be part of. The realism behind a group of young semi-privileged but struggling women represents part of this generation in a way I've never seen done before.

The grossly real element to these girls is so refreshing, I feel like shouting, "Finally!!" I am just in love with it, Lena and I must be carved from the same stone.

I also recommend watching Lena's movie "Tiny Furniture" also starring Jemima!


I hugely relate to every character, I haven't felt this way since Sex and the City, but Girls is not like SATC, in the way that it is strikingly raw without romanticizing women or how they behave.


Bravo Lena! Bravo.


Tim Goodman calls the show, “one of the most original, spot-on, no-missed-steps series in recent memory.”

“In the first three half-hour episodes (of a 10 episode season), Dunham manages to convey real female friendships, the angst of emerging adulthood, nuanced relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, body image, intimacy in a tech-savvy world that promotes distance, the bloodlust of surviving New York on very little money and the modern parenting of entitled children, among many other things – all laced together with humor and poignancy,” adds Goodman.

Newsday’s Verne Gay writes, “Hannah and the show are all about internal conflict and so is the humor, while sex -- and fair warning, it's pretty graphic here, which may be the handiwork o [producer Judd] Apatow -- is the metaphor for all that conflict. It's grotesque, malignant, unpleasurable and a particularly devious torture chamber, at least for the women, who still submit to it.”