Katie Gallagher makes me spend money

I just bought my first dress from Katie Gallagher. I have to admit I usually never spend this amount on clothing but I really love her designs and what she is doing in the fashion world, it's like she watched the Craft 300 times when she was 12 and it never left her... check out her stuff! I'm so excited for it, I cant find a picture online but it looks a lot like this one




I feel like they tried to sculpt Taylor Momsons late designer character in Gossip Girl around Katie... but failed. Who could capture a cute little witch like her?


I normally create a scene, a narrative, or sometimes a whole universe that I would be interested in making a reality, and then I fill these worlds with people. …The people just happen to be wearing what’s appropriate to their surroundings and ideas. Clothes aren’t really at the center of my interests; the people that wear them and their ideals are.

Katie Gallagher