Gemma Arterton continues to wow me (and make me envious.)

I have loved Gemma for ages (as those of you who follow me probably know) and she is just looking GORGEOUS!! I mean, why cant she be my BFF so I can borrow everything? We are about the same size (when she's got a lil weight on her) and I think she is tall like me too... I would love to have all of these clothes. Def gonna try and purchase some more things with her in mind. It's so wearable and effortless but still glamorous and mature!

Glowing and so happy, she wears bright red lipstick with a T shirt that you could def re create the look with Wildfox. I love this fun, striped skirt with it! And that teeny necklace? Yes please!

Beautiful and elegant, yet so simple in all white!

Umm, give me that trench coat. Now. I have too many trenches!! Can you ever have enough?

I'm actually going to find and buy this Alexander McQueen outfit for an event. Haha. The swallows necklace, burgandy lip and messy hair keep it looking so fresh and young!

Hello subtle tan, cant wait to get an airbrush tomorrow.

A perfect silhouette for her body type!

Pop of orange for a special occasion

Great, chic and professional look. Love the belt around a jacket, must try that!

Great, playful, blunt cut!

Rocking the color of the moment (according to me!) Baby blue! And it looks fantastic with slightly browned legs. Try Sally Hansen airbrush legs for a wash off tan that looks so so flawless, I swear by it in the summer. It comes off with soap and water!

And to finish... a sexy kitten corset look, dream of!! Nothing like showing off those perfect hips with a nice waist cincher top.


Have fun channeling Gemma! XXX