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Bianca Balti by Martin Parr for Grey SS 2013



Five minutes with...Bianca Balti


by Joely Walker

Strikingly beautiful, the new face of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue alongside David Gandy and a working mum to her young daughter; Bianca Balti has one of the busiest schedules in the modelling business, but still took the time to have a chat with us backstage at Milan Fashion Week. Her home town, beauty musts and working with Mario Testino. A truly lovely lady who's personality glows just as much as her irritatingly perfect skin...Any bad points? well, no. 


What's your travel beauty saviour? 

'I take so many planes so I need to give my skin and hair a moisture boost. I use a hair oil in the ends before I go on the plane and always spritz a face spray during the flight'.

Which is your favourite big fashion city?

'Well I love Milan because it's my home town. But Paris is the dream city, even when you're stressed out in shows you look around and everything is so beautiful. Then in New York I love the energy of the city.'

What's your earliest call time been? 

'3am was the earliest. When you shoot on location you need the sunrise natural light so you need to be up and ready. I never get used to waking up so early! I love sleep too much.'

Any tips for things to do in Milan?

'I love to take my daughter to the parks around the city. My favourite area of Milano is by the canons - I go to an authentic Italian restaurant around there on a Sunday for delicious food.'

 Favourite make-up artist or hair stylist?

'I've worked with so many brilliant artists that it's impossible to choose. If I tell you one name it would be so unfair on all the others - I'm so lucky to work with such talented people.'

Have you always loved fragrance?

'It was the first side of beauty that I fell for. My mother would never let me wear make-up at school so I used to use fragrance instead. Actually my first perfume was Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, I still have the empty bottle at my mum's place, it reminds me of being young.'

How would you describe the Light Blue girl?

'Young and beautiful. It reminds me of summer and being on a beach in the bright sunshine. It's a fresh and natural girl, without being too heavy for every day.'

What was it like to shoot with Mario Testino and David Gandy?

'It was an absolute dream to work with Mario. When I was sixteen one day I skipped school to get a train to the city and see one of his exhibitions. I got into trouble but it was worth it. Photography has always been one of my passions.'

'To work with David was a pleasure as a lot of the time male models can be a pain in the … but David is different. He's confident and genuine.'



She is beautiful, smiling, chameleon-like and, above all, a ‘thinking head’. The Italian top model of the moment, Bianca Balti, 28 years old (with a 4-year-old daughter), has reached the heights of global success, conquering the covers of major fashion magazines and becoming the testimonial of the most prestigious brands. Insomuch that Rome has decided to dedicate her a photo exhibition in the Museum of the Trajan Markets (on show up to September 2nd).
The Exhibition Bianca Balti. Immagini di una favola di moda (Images of a fairy tale of fashion) shows in 41 shots, taken by the most important photographers of our time, from Karl Lagerfeld to Patrick Demarchelier, the consonance between beauty, innocence, joy which are among the elements that characterize the top model’s charm.
FROM PARIS TO THE PIRELLI CALENDAR. Bianca begun her career in 2005 as the face of an advertising campaign. The debut on the catwalk was with Dolce & Gabbana as testimonial in 2005. But the real onset was a catalogue for Valentino, as she told: «I’m actually a rebel and I have even said “no” to many job offers. Insomuch that my mother told me I was crazy». The top model has also conquered the Parisian fashion and in 2007 she made her debut in cinema with the movie Go Go Tales, directed by Abel Ferrara. In 2011, the Pirelli calendar: shot by Karl Lagerfeld.
«I CONSIDERED MYSELF UGLY». But be careful: Bianca does not feel to be miraculously saved. «I’m just lucky to be born as I am, but up to High School, because of my thinness, I felt like the ugly duckling. To the young girls I say: be professional whatever work you choose to do. There are not only models, even for my daughter I dream about a career as a doctor».