Britney Friday! The best of Britney

Hey guys!! Well the weekend is almost here and today I've been watching new Britney videos, it reminded me of High School. I remember when I was 17, on Friday evenings before I got ready to meet my friends, I would watch my Britney music videos on VHS to feel great and happy! It worked every time, I would also try and do my makeup just like hers and crimp my hair in random pieces... haha. It taught me so much about applying makeup, it's so funny to look back on the things that had such a huge influence on me and see it reflected in my current lifestyle! Since Britney inspired me so much I thought it appropriate to dedicate a post to her today. Who made or makes you feel empowered/inspired?

Enjoy your weekend!



The best of Britney's videos, according to me! Have fun, and get ready tonight listenin and watching this in order!!

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