Barbie Loves Wildfox

Well, my childhood dream came true, and here it is.


Photos: Mark Hunter

Makeup: Carlene K

Hair: Tyron Dupre

Barbie: Merethe Hopland

Christie: Kirby Griffin


From LA weekly:

  • Wildfox's new Barbie line is the perfect thing to wear while nursing that hangover.

In the midst of a serious Barbie backlash, one L.A. fashion designer is taking Barbie's side — by attempting to bring back her pastel-colored, jazzercise-ready wardrobe of the early 1990s.

The new fashion collection, designed by the West Hollywood-based women's brandWildfox, is called "Welcome to the Dreamhouse: At Home with Barbie," and it looks exactly like what you'd imagine: star-spangled leotards, mesh sweatshirts paired with acid-wash jeans, turquoise bike shorts with leg warmers and plenty of pink sweatsuits and swimsuits for every occasion. And yes, they're made to fit life-size, adult women. 

Wildfox co-founder and creative director Kimberley Gordon says Mattel proposed the collaboration in an attempt to re-vamp Barbie's image and "get people our age thinking about it and make her cool." It's one of several recent Barbie fashion collaborations, including a line of Barbie tops and sweaters from Forever 21, a line of nightgowns and sleepwear from the New York-based retailer Lord & Taylor, and Jeremy Scott's high-fashion Moschino collection, which hit the runway at Milan Fashion Week in September with lots of blonde bouffants, bubblegum-pink rompers and polka-dotted prom dresses.

"I know there's so much controversy around her being a bad role model," says Wildfox's Gordon, a blonde 31-year-old who fondly remembers designing her Barbie dolls' taped-together outfits out of toilet paper. "I don't remember being a little girl and thinking about her body. I just remember her long blonde hair or the long black hair and the cute little smile and just having tiny clothes." The new Wildfox fashion line is intended as a reminder of that nostalgia, "about that time period that was so fun, and all about dress up."  

But can fun adolescent dress-up translate to modern women's wear in 2014? Sure, if you're the type of woman who has the distinct privilege of spending her days climbing the Stair Master, juicing cucumbers, sipping cocktails by the pool or lounging in a jacuzzi with her BFF. These are all scenes from the "Welcome to the Dreamhouse: At Home with Barbie" fashion shoot, which features a model that could be mistaken for Malibu Barbie and another that looks exactly like Tyra Banks in the 2000 movie Life-Size, in which Banks plays a doll, fittingly enough. 

While Moschino's Barbie-inspired line featured big-shouldered party dresses and sequined ball gowns, Wildfox's line is readymade for L.A. lounging.

 "Barbie's done everything. She's a doctor, she's a lawyer," says Gordon. "She's a go-getter." And yes, sometimes she even gets hungover and just needs to lounge in her sweats like the rest of us. 

To illustrate Barbie's "billion different jobs," Gordon designed a Wildfox t-shirt with Barbie's resume printed on the back. 





I played with Barbie until I was, like, 14 so this was incredibly fun and incredibly STRESSFUL! I felt so much pressure to cast this perfectly, design and style it, to get a more realistic dream house, like where they really might have lived in the early 90's (my favorite era of Barbie) and what they really might have owned! This was my task, real life Barbie! When I went to Mattel to meet the team I was overwhelmed with happiness!

One of the most fun things at Mattel is they say, "Everybody has a Barbie story" and it's totally true! I have about 100, I mean from my brothers obsession with my Barbie, to sexual explorations between Barbie characters, Barbie's trips to the "pool"... but now my Barbie story is this, and I am humbled and incredibly lucky to tell it!!

Please tell me and everyone in the comments,


What is your Barbie Story??

(Don't hold back.)



Double Trouble...

Kids for WIldfox is up on our site!! I had SO much fun shooting Milla and Violet, they have been best friends since their mothers were pregnant together, they were just like sisters! We played a lot, we ate lots of sweets, we hung out with super model mom, Kirsty Hume, we got grumpy, we danced, we got hyper, we got bossy, we brought in the dog, and here it is!


Photo & Styling: Kimberley Gordon

Models: Violet & Milla


Check out the new pastel essentials! So adorable, especially in the really baby sizes!!

Sense & Eccentricity, WILDFOX Fall 2014

Hey Everyone! I'm back from Miami swim week and couldn't be more excited to post our FALL 14 campaign!!! This was so crazy to shoot out in the freezing snow and right after a storm. I am so excited for fall to come again this year, cozy nights playing board games and drinking hot chocolate...

This collection is very much inspired by Jane Austen and my English heritage. I loved growing up in West Sussex, even today I love to be in a place where you can really feel the seasons change. Jane Austen wrote love stories around seasons, she was one of the first young women to become famous for her beautiful, romantic novels about coming of age and trying to find your place in the world. She is one of the most widely read writers in English literature.

In my eyes Jane was the ultimate Wildfox girl; Hard working, poetic, confidant and extremely comical... and  it makes me sad she couldn't be alive today so I could have her over for dinner and a sleep over with all the girls.

Her stories are inspiring and still so relevant, they teach us about ourselves, our friendships, family, priorities and sacrifice. Growing up with an older sister I really looked up to her, she was my ultimate inspiration,  my eccentric, funny, drinking, laughing, hard working, incredibly cool role model. She gave me so many of the building blocks to become confidant and independent, to make comedy even in the hardest of times. She lives in England, in Brighton, a city by the sea, and I rarely get to see her so It's a bittersweet relationship that I think about often.

Siblings, whether they are blood or self made, are such an important part of growing up, of who you are and who you become.

Thus this collection is a dedication to the women who love us most, hate us most, forgive us most, to the women who make us laugh and cry, who give us that reality dose straight to the face, who keep us in line but also teach us to miss-behave... this collection is for them, for our sisters and for the ultimate sister,

                                                Jane Austen.




Photos by Mark Hunter

Photo Edit by Kimberley Gordon

Modeled by Maddison Brown, Isabella Oberg and Marnie Harris

makeup by Carlene K

Hair by Laura Polko

This collection will trickle in over the next 4 months, so keep checking back on the WILDFOX site for more pieces!

Also we have for sale the pink collection of Jane books, which are expensive to buy but I wanted for you all to see these perfect collectors editions... they are worth saving for! i splurged for a set and it's so worth it to pass down to my daughters and their daughters.


Royal Romance, WILDFOX summer 2014

I'm so excited to share our summer romance collection with you, it means so much to me!

This last year has been really crazy for me when it comes to love... I got the love of my life back and felt swept away by happiness! It made me truly understand love better and I wanted to dedicate a collection to how I felt for him. He is going through a hard medical condition and my girlfriends were immediately there for us in ways I couldn't have imagined. It made me see that true love really comes in 3 forms, family friendship and romance, even the family you make for yourself... we need all equally! I felt certain revelations from going through such intense issues, and for the first time I understood marriage and what it meant to commit yourself to love, I understood children and what it meant to start a family, I think I began to see love in a real way outside of the fairy tale, and what it meant in life. I found it fascinating to think about the fairy tale romance that I have all my life believed in, and I was sort of sad to let it go. For me this collection is a love letter to my imagination and how I have to remember to use it even when things get hard.

For the inspiration this season I really felt a connection to the 60's and royalty, I thought of a princess trapped and forced into marriage, but who was secretly in love with a soldier, maybe she elopes with him in the end. I liked how she was sad, but also so alive! She relied on her friends and sisters to make it through things, and no matter how rich with material goods, it would still be a struggle to find happiness in herself.

Listen to: Moon River by Henri Mancini

Personal favorite piece:
Probably the I married an Angel because I want to be able to wear that about my guy sometime soon!

The gorgeous muses this season:

Queeny Queeny Van der Zande, Camilla Christensen, and their "little sister" Dacoda

Photos: Mark Hunter & Kimberley Gordon

Makeup: Carlene K

Hair: Anna Lee Fiorino

PS. I miss your comments! Please know I will respond to comments below. XX

This stuff is not ALL in our store now, it will be trickling in over the next 6 weeks, so if you dont see it available when you click the photo, check back soon!! Bridal and jeans will be coming out in May :)


NYFW SS 14, Nicole Miller goes for French Peasant, sort of looks BeetleJuice.

Love these looks! Totally feels Winona Ryder, Tim Burton, Beetlejuice, wierdness. Nicole Miller described

Nicole Miller

 was talking about a revolution. Backstage before her show, the designer said she'd been inspired by Versailles, first by the estate's over-the-top gardens and intricate mazes, and then by the thought of fed-up peasant women storming the chateau and breaking all of the monarchy's awesome china. A print emerged—shards of broken dishware scattered among flowers. Embellishments followed—beading that resembled the swooping tiers of a grand chandelier. A slew of skinny, embroidery-embellished jeans and below-the-knee pencil skirts established the silhouette, while accented seams and figure-flattering prints, some echoing Versailles' geometric garden paths, contributed to the curve-con effect. A black neoprene skirt, pleated in the back and sequin-encrusted in the front, was worn with a pale silk shell also loaded with colorful sequins. That may sound like a lot of look, but the gems were artfully arranged. Resembling shards of broken glass, they created a clean angularity and a pleasing, graphic sharpness. Elsewhere, the bling on a fringed tank was heavy enough to cause the shirt to droop. Paired with a blousy pleated skirt, it lacked the oomph of earlier, curvier looks. There was a riot of colors and embellishments here, but also plenty of solid, standout pieces to start a wardrobe revolution of one's own.

LOUIS VUITTON steps it up...

How young and Fresh! I am really impressed...

"The French girl": she is the muse of the Resort collection by Julie de Libran for Louis Vuitton; a woman with a cosmopolitan and bohemian style, sophisticated and therefore confident in her charm with no need whatsoever to show off. She wears clogs or flat shoes; she can dress denim up and tweed down. She combines floral dresses with egg oversized coats. Fur becomes a T-shirt to be worn nonchalantly with a pair of cotton shorts 

mini, midi and maxi

denim blue, sky blue, navy blue, mango yellow, foliage green, frosted chestnut brown, black, wax red, anthracite grey, aquamarine, rust, cyan, beige, dove


denim, cotton, fur, tweed, knitwear, silk, appliques, nylon, satin, tulle, lycra

flared, straight, slim, kimono, trapeze and egg-shaped, oversized

textile peaked hats, patchwork clogs, denim clogs, flat ankle-strap sandals, leather shoulder bags, slippers decorated with tassels, patchwork pump shoes with ankle strap, thin leather belts, SC bags in pastel colours, wicker hats, patchwork handbags, retro sunglasses

Barbara Sini