Born on the 4th of July, WILDFOX

I wasn't born in the USA, I moved here when I was 11 from England and I've always been passionate about my American Dream! The 4th of July means a lot to me, it is a time to celebrate what it means to be able to work hard and achieve my goals here in California. There are so many things I love about being an American Girl at heart...

Driving down PCH looking out at the ocean, music blasting, sandy toes, towels on the seats, best friends singing...

The freedom to be a woman in control of her future, to have the privilege to fight for the things we believe in, this is a special thing and in some other countries women will never get the chance to even see or feel  their own talents.

I love what America has brought me, taught me and allowed me... but most of all I love that I have had the freedom to allow myself to work towards a better life.

I hope you enjoy these pics of Carolina Sanchez I shot for the 4th of July, a celebration of being a woman in this industry, and making almost ALL (excluding white label) of our WILDFOX clothing right here in Los Angeles!! We spend the money it takes on our California made collections and strive for the best quality, creating more and more jobs for all sorts of people right here at home... most of those people women!! Let's celebrate what it is to be a woman in America. Tomorrow take time acknowledge what we take for granted on a daily basis.


Makeup by my powerful & beautiful Carlene K