Here's to you, Mary Robinson


18 year old Mary Robinson is from Atlanta, GA, and studies at the art institute of Chicago. She is a photographer who uses only film and posts all her photos to a blog. Mary is extremely talented and for more reasons than the obvious beautiful photo. In an interview and in her postings she writes with an extremely humble voice, not even realizing the strength of her own talent. This only adds to the intrigue of her photos, her humble and insecure nature is reflected in the subjects and backgrounds, the direction and lighting, the mood and overall story behind her work.

The thing I love most about Mary's pictures is the incredible ability to bring you back to a certain moment, they give you that pre adolescent feeling of growing up in America, big, lush and often vacant, barefoot in the grass even in the fall. It's a feeling that is hard to describe but somehow described visually and perfectly  through her photographs. Sometimes when I look at one of her photos long enough I have to catch my breath.

She has an incredible attraction to the human form silhouetted by light, often from windows or parking garages, streams of sunlight through the trees or reflection. She also doesn't over pose the subject at all, often the model lacks energy and seems subdued or pensive.

How do you feel when you look at these photos?

She often photographs what might be her pre-adolescent sister, Kimmy, who also has quite a unique face and adds an element of intrigue to the shot.


Visit her blog HERE