Electric Daisy! Wildfox White Label, fall 2013

If Daisy of the Great Gatsby were a real girl in today's world , if she were a little Wildfox, this is how I imagine her... cropped colored hair, wild and romantic, fun and bright and vivacious! I cast and shot my wonderful friend and talented model, Alexandra Spencer, to portray the updated character. I was also really inspired by New York, I spent a lot of nights exploring the city and staying out until sunrise, I read the book "The Rules of Civility" and felt so connected to the characters, I love Silent movies and the idea of the 1920s circus! If those black and white pictures suddenly came to life it would be so fun, maybe they wore all kinds of crazy colors and sparkle!! Here is our imagined 20's girl come to life, I hope you love it! XOXOXO

Photos by: Kimerley Gordon

Make up: Carlene K

Wigs: Anna Lee Fiorino

Styling by Kimberley Gordon and Meredith Leyerzaph

Alexandra Spencer for Stylestalker, shot by me, Kimberley Gordon

We once again teamed up to have a great time shooting in East LA, at a skate park! Alex is so fun to work with and the Stylestalker girls are so talented and amazing! I included a couple that were not released :)

model: Alexandra Spencer
photographer: Kimberly Gordon
styling: Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San (us)
hair and make-up: Sina Velke




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