Songs that make my heart flutter

I made a playlist, I rarely do but I was just thinking I wanted to listen to a bunch of songs in a row that have been there at pivotal points in my life... first kisses, 99 cent CD's, goth moments, art classes, weird friends, partying in Los Angeles, driving around aimlessly, dancing in my bedroom, daydreaming of crushes, new roommates, starting Wildfox... a lot of life. This collection of songs all mean something big to me, hilarious or not they get me going.

What are your memory songs? lets build an epic playlist.


Christina's voice

Christina wore our Spring seeing stars sweater on the voice last night, and I have to say I always get excited to see her in our things because she was so influential to me as a designer. The 90s pop culture, boy/girl band explosion warranted the most hilarious crop tops, gigantic sneakers, and sparkly, over the top girly casual couture and I loved it. So much so that I wanted to lick the pages of my teen magazines, jump into a Christina video and dance around that campfire in nothing but a knit bikini bra and hip hugging, torn to shreds shorts.

I look back at these memories with great fondness, and every once in a while I re-watch those old videos, time traveling with my mind.