Roller Girl! Wildfox Swim, Cruise 2013/14

Excited to release this fun, kitschy shoot of our cruise swim line! Very 70's and 80's inspired look to go with our retro swim wear. XX

"She’s got her skates laced up tight and she’s soaring down Venice BLVD. She is
a true bombshell, igniting the super sexy, 70’s poster girl inside her. Sometimes she
misses her hometown in Brazil, the culture, the energy and bright colors, but California is the ultimate substitute. She lives for mornings at the beach, taking a run on the sand and
swimming laps against the waves. At night she’s still got her bikini and roller skates in
her purse as she heads to a dance party. With her giant sunglasses and rainbow 2-piece
she DJ’s until her fingers hurt. She is the life of the party, and everybody loves her.
When she gets home she cuddles her pet rabbit and climbs into her giant, cozy
bed covered in crochet, white blankets. She falls asleep to the sound of the ocean,
dreaming of strawberry smoothies, her summer playlist and diving into the sea. Her tiny apartment in Venice  Beach  is all she needs, its big windows open letting in the salty breeze, the sound of her roommates laughing, and her slightly scuffed skates, tossed off at the edge of the bed."

Modeled by Lisalla Montenegro

Photos by Kimberly Gordon

Styling by Leilani Shimoda, Meredith Leyerzaph, Kimberley Gordon

Make up byCarlene K

Hair by Tyron Dupre