Hanalei Reponty makes a Splash for Wildfox White Label

White label is all about girls who belong in the ocean!

Of course it was the natural thing to cast Hanalei because she is a real life* mermaid and pro surfer!! with an uncanny resemblance to Darryl Hannah, she is almost a real life Madison from the film "Splash" It seems like all girls were obsessed with that movie, the long, crimped blonde hair, a beautiful woman eating lobster with her hands, the ability to memorize languages in just seconds…who wouldn't want to believe in mermaids??

Since we can't breathe under water, surfing and swimming is as close as it gets, so we celebrate the surfer girl in a magical way...a pastel pretty, feminine mermaid way.

The Spring collection really conjures up girls of the sea, and Hanalei  is the ultimate sea baby. Enjoy!


Photos by: Mark Hunter

Photo edit by: Kimberley Gordon

Makeup by: Carlene K

Hair by Anna Lee Fiorino

Modeled by Hanalei Reponty


*a human mermaid