At home with (pregnant) Amanda Booth

I was lucky enough to have our favorite muse give us the news of her pregnancy this year, and who better to model the WILDFOX Pea in the Pod Maternity wear than Amanda Booth? I hope you enjoy this inside look of Amanda Booth's life.

Photos: Kimberley Gordon

Model: Amanda Booth


Amanda’s slight frame is such that when she has her back to you, you can hardly tell she’s pregnant. It isn’t impossible, however, to notice the slight waddle as she pitter patters barefoot across the kitchen tiles to search her freezer for ice cream. As she looks back at me, she turns ever so slightly, revealing a beautiful and significant belly bump. She is picturesque and glowing, although I must admit she is always glowing, even without the magic of maternity, stopping people in their tracks as she walks by, the trait of a natural model. 

Amanda has been shooting with us since Wildfox’s earliest years, and it is touching to see such a kind and giving person succeed so well. She is the epitomy of the American Dream. An actress, a model, the wife of a sexy designer and motorcycle connoisseur, the owner of a delightful, humble little home in Venice,  she’ll soon be mother, too, to a little boy named Micah.

Amanda puts on a Wildfox pink, string bikini, and I follow her as she pads out to the garage where her husband, Mike, is working on his bike. “Can you help us get the Cruiser out, babe?” she asks. He smiles at her bulging belly barely contained by the little bikini bottom, and backs a sea foam green machine out to the street for us. As we walk off the driveway, he says, “Nice butt, babe” relishing the sight of his wife and fellow parent, still his dream girl. It isn’t by luck that Amanda seemingly has it all. She has worked hard and been incredibly nice to everyone on her way up, making intelligent, strategic, and sometimes even daring decisions, including to bare all as the centerfold for Playboy’s February 2014 issue.

Impressively intelligent, funny and aggravatingly beautiful, Amanda makes me laugh as we drive over to the beach with her candid accounts of modeling in Paris. She tells me unbelievable stories of a shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth and how Mike inadvertently became her co star and landed his own page in Ellen’s giant, velvet covered book. We park and head out to the sand, two of the three of us (one unborn, but very present) reveling in the sunset, the oddness of Venice beach and its strange characters.

Splashing in the waves, I can’t help but feel thankful to be alive and living here in this giant city of Los Angeles, and who better to share it with than the inspiring Amanda Booth.

Take a glimpse below into the warm and wonderful home of our long time muse. Enjoy!

-Kimberley Gordon