Starting a business? Why is it so hard?

A lot of my friends seem to be having existential crisis' lately, including myself. Maybe it's the fact most of us are entering our mid 30's and afraid we haven't accomplished enough. My anxiety disorder is very intense and it can cause severe insomnia, so I am always looking for ways to relax when it comes to money, friends, my future, family and business! Business is particularly hard to think about as a woman because we have been trained subconsciously our whole lives to lean on a man, it shatters our confidence and makes us feel like going it alone is too hard... what if I fail? I'm so useless! That is the big fear, what if I fail, what if I lose the money? and How do I start, how do I find the money? There isn't really one answer to the questions because everyone is different, they have different connections and are living different lives.

Here is the only simple, universal answer that seems to help, what gets my butt out of bed to choose to work on my own business every day is this simple mantra:  

I cannot fail.

I like to picture the worst case scenario if I tried and "Failed" and realize I cannot truly fail. Imagine yourself in the scenario that you are most afraid of and ask yourself, "Will this be too hard for me to handle if I encounter it?" my hope for your conclusion is "No." probably not any harder than what you are handling right now.

There will always be people to lean on, jobs to apply for, love to come back to.

What is money to you? Where do you scale the loss of money in importance factor for your life? Maybe letting go the fear of money will help you make this big decision.

I want to make the most of this lifetime, and you should too!! NOTHING IS IN YOUR WAY EXCEPT YOUR OWN FEAR.

Trust yourself, take the leap, you cannot fail.

If you are craving some real business inspiration, I highly recommend Allan Watts. You can look up all his lectures on google and they will help you let go of some of this intense fear.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, get a delicious snack, light a scented candle, lay on your back and let go of your fears.

Here is a great one about business:

Alan Watts Business Lecture

Beautiful photo by phoebe rudomino