JNCO jeans and other scary memories

Societe Perrier did an article on my style transition, usually I don't post press about me but I thought you guys might like this one, or at least relate. HAHA. Check it out for more pictures HERE


Style Evolution: Wildfox's Kimberley Gordon



Kimberley Gordon

Today we bring to you our first "Style Evolution" story, a feature where we ask some of our favorite tastemakers' to look back at their outfits from their childhood through their teenage years, until they had become the trendsetters we love today. Our first sartorial retrospective is with Kimberley Gordon of Wildfox , the L.A.-based label known for its irreverent slogans, bright colors and California vibe.

Turns out, Gordon's look wasn't always loud and free. In fact, her first fashion memories involved school uniforms in the UK. Find out more about how she went from classic to crimped to cool.

Kim and brother first day of school in UK

What was your style like as a kid?
Kimberley Gordon: I wore very matchy-matchy sets when I was in the UK. I think because my mother loved me in them, she has amazing style. When I moved to the U.S. it was a lot of Bugs Bunny T-shirts and jean shorts. I was quite a tomboy because I didn’t really care about my clothes, more about the cartoons on my clothes.

When did you become interested in clothes?
I always loved clothes. My mother couldn’t believe how girly I was — she didn’t know where it came from. The first time I can remember being really obsessed with something was my friend Tammy’s coat when I was eight. It fit like a dress, zipped up and was tight on top then A-lined out. I searched everywhere for one with my mum but to no avail. I remember I wanted it so badly I would panic when I thought about it, as you can see it’s haunted me ever since.

Were you a trendsetter in school?
(Laughs) Not so much, but I always dressed very... differently. I wore bell bottoms and vintage T-shirts in junior high — which was a little daring, but no one emulated me at all. In high school, I sewed a lot of my own T-shirts and made denim leg warmers. I was a bit of a candy raver (JNCO jeans, tiny tanks, scratch-and-sniff  T-shirts, heavy lip liner). I know people noticed my style and pointed it out a lot but mostly because they didn’t understand it. I totally feel them...

Any cringe-worthy outfits to look back on?
Oh yeah, my worst time was probably aged 19, I was the most obsessed with Britney Spears at that point and I showed belly that should never be shown. I also crimped my hair in sections and wore denim hats... Oh lord.

kim crimped hair and friend wearing her denim hat - 2000

What is the most memorable outfit from your youth?
Probably my tiny Spice Girls T-shirt (it was kids' size) and my JNCO jeans. The boys used to stick their binders in my back pockets, that’s how big they were.

Has anything you liked to wear as a kid made a comeback recently?
That would be frightening. Maybe neon stuff? I hope Tevas come into style, they almost do and I cross my fingers every time. They are hilarious!

What's your favorite fashion piece of the moment?
I'm obsessed with my black Prada platforms, I wear them with little white socks. I cradle them like a baby.

For more images from the past and in-depth descriptions of what Gordon was wearing, click on the gallery below.


Thank you Societe! Very fun interview.