Do you love me, little surfer girl? WILDFOX SWIM 14

Oh summer, you are approaching! It's almost time to run along white sandy beaches, fall in love under the moonlight and skinny dip in warm, clear water. You're gonna need a new bathing suit!!

Dreamy, tropical, and pastel perfect prints mixed with fun island explorer graphics reminiscent of "The Beach" and "The Blue Lagoon" You are going to want to live in these new babies!!


Enjoy these calm and relaxing pictures of Pro Surfer- Hanalei Reponty also starring Emma Stern Nielsen, and listen to a beachy book on tape as you sit at work today!

Roller Girl! Wildfox Swim, Cruise 2013/14

Excited to release this fun, kitschy shoot of our cruise swim line! Very 70's and 80's inspired look to go with our retro swim wear. XX

"She’s got her skates laced up tight and she’s soaring down Venice BLVD. She is
a true bombshell, igniting the super sexy, 70’s poster girl inside her. Sometimes she
misses her hometown in Brazil, the culture, the energy and bright colors, but California is the ultimate substitute. She lives for mornings at the beach, taking a run on the sand and
swimming laps against the waves. At night she’s still got her bikini and roller skates in
her purse as she heads to a dance party. With her giant sunglasses and rainbow 2-piece
she DJ’s until her fingers hurt. She is the life of the party, and everybody loves her.
When she gets home she cuddles her pet rabbit and climbs into her giant, cozy
bed covered in crochet, white blankets. She falls asleep to the sound of the ocean,
dreaming of strawberry smoothies, her summer playlist and diving into the sea. Her tiny apartment in Venice  Beach  is all she needs, its big windows open letting in the salty breeze, the sound of her roommates laughing, and her slightly scuffed skates, tossed off at the edge of the bed."

Modeled by Lisalla Montenegro

Photos by Kimberly Gordon

Styling by Leilani Shimoda, Meredith Leyerzaph, Kimberley Gordon

Make up byCarlene K

Hair by Tyron Dupre


Off the cuff for Maybelline!

Leilani and I did an interview about our new swimwear line at the showroom. We had our lovely face, Amanda Booth, with us! Hope you like it, even though I HATE being on camera, ughhh, yuck! It was really fun to do though! ahahaha





She's a Minimale Animale

Cassandra Kellogg is a triple threat BFF I’ve loved for many years, we’ve stormed festivals dressed as ponies, roller skated through discos, hula hooped at the beach  on 4th of July and eaten cold veggie dogs on her kitchen floor, laughing hysterically.

Surfer, stylist, hula hooping extraordinaire and now swimwear designer, Cass brings a collection inspired by 70’s, 80’s and 90’s super models. Her passion for the ocean, Venice Beach (where her office is located, conveniently close to the sand) and running around in bikinis definitely brings something unique and delicious to her designs. She’s the girl who always has a towel in her trunk, a bikini in her purse and sunscreen in her glove compartment, she’s always got a surfboard strapped to HER roof or sticking out over the passenger seat, dressed in an Isabel Marant sweatshirt, ripped old denim shorts and a see-through white T shirt, and blasting Suzie Q, Cassandra really knows what it is to love the beach lifestyle.

If you could have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

can I say cereal?

Which marine animal is your favorite?

don't think its an animal, but definitely a mermaid! I still pretend im one, when i go swimming in pools!

What color looks best on tan skin?

tan on tan is the way to go..

If you could live as a famous bombshell in any decade which one would it be and why?

Christie Brinkley  circa 1980's- the 80's were s so big on many things, hair, cars, and especially Swimwear! It would have been amazing to  be Christie, modeling for all those Sports illustrated shoots all over the world, driving Ferrari's for movies and just being that classic 80's TRUE California girl!

Best beach moment ever?

singing our favorite Beatles songs with YOU  and our friends at 2am, in Malibu a few years ago,  while standing on pillars in the ocean as the tide came up.. and then.....
                                    getting lost in the forest  right after

Saddest movie you have ever seen?

sad as in sad- March of the penguins, sad as in crying- The Notebook.


I go barefoot when

I 'm near water!


Photos of Cassandra Kellogg wearing her own bikinis, by Kimberley Gordon




lookbook photos for Minimale Animale by Henrik Purienne. Notice little model muse Jennifer Pugh? WOO



Shop her swimwear and go "get wet" at Minimale Animale