Mary Mary quite contrary

These garden girls are sensational!! I would just die to be on this shoot. Can you imagine what went into making these flower pieces? Glory!


Vogue US March 2016

Model Alisa Ahmann, Grace Hartzel, Ine Neefs, Maartje Verhoef, Pooja Mor, Poppy Delevingne, Xiao Wen Ju

Photographer Willy Vanderperre

Fashion Editor Tabitha Simmons

Hair Julien D’ys

Make up Lucia Pieroni

Nails Anatole Rainey

Becoming the attraction!

Vogue tributes the Met Ball with a shoot that will make you wanna go somewhere extremely fancy. Anyone else feel like dancing right now?? The girls definitely became the main attraction on this bus tour.

"photographer Cass Bird to take the season’s most Charles James–worthy dresses onto the street. Models Hanne Gaby Odiele, Grace Mahary, Tilda Lindstam, Alana Zimmer, and Xiao Wen Ju took to Manhattan in a breathtaking array of evening looks. Is it any wonder then, that an Instagram frenzy ensued?"

Prom night for the rich and famous

Does anyone else just feel great depths of jealousy when the Met Ball comes around? It's like everyone cool was invited to the prom and the fringe have to sit home sewing their own dresses like 16 Candles disaster pink head.

Although it's hard, I'm still gonna post my favorite Cinderella's because... well... despite the envy I am still in awe of the gowns.

Now is it just me, or does everyone look particularly hungry this year...

great gowns everyone!!!

Virtual Vacation: The Hamptons

Another inspiring virtual vaction for you guys! Don't have the time/money to go somewhere? Escape with me through pictures... enjoy the food, luggage, location, outfits and feel of the Hamptons! Try listening to Frank Sinatra while looking through these for the full escape :)