Virtual Vacation: The Hamptons

Another inspiring virtual vaction for you guys! Don't have the time/money to go somewhere? Escape with me through pictures... enjoy the food, luggage, location, outfits and feel of the Hamptons! Try listening to Frank Sinatra while looking through these for the full escape :)

Let them eat cake!

It's hard not to break down crying when you look at these pictures of Lindsey Wixson as Marie Antoinette… as soon as I get my hands on the US Harpers April issue I will re scan these and replace them in higher quality. UNREAL. Go Karl Lagerfeld, but mostly GO Eamonn Hughes with that HAIRRR!!! You and Linds deserve all the credit for this.

Wine Time!! It's back...

Marissa released a new wine time!! WOohhhoohoho!! This one is featuring Mindy Kaling, look out for one with ME coming soon...


For WAY more wine reviews and good laughs check out


Here is my favorite wine time, haha, I laugh so hard.