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Sometimes I see something in fashion that just reminds me why I love fashion so so much. Nadine Goepfert is living in another universe, and I want to go visit.

The project "The Garments may vary ." emerged against the backdrop of the subject of conservation, the related techniques, purposes and the associated idea of capturing a certain condition or moment of a naturally changing object.

The combination of a textiles ability to frequently change its form and the possibility of capturing moments and traces through the process of wearing it is the core of this project.

"The Garments may vary ." is a collection of textiles that are not only flute or worn out but actually change their form, structure, volume, motif, and colour while ordinary usage. The project investigates the daily usage of apparel and the associated movements of the person wearing it. These movements are accentuated and partly captured within the materials and surfaces of the garments. Each of the materials chosen is used to highlight a different form and duration of change. The garments seek to temporarily or permanently capture the traces, movements and behavior patterns of the wearer.
Besides that, the aspect of leaving a garment behind just after undressing is of particular interest, since it transforms a garment into an almost abstract sculptural object that almost no longer remains noticeable as an actual garment.

"what is the essence of a pair of pants (if it has such a thing)? Certainly not that crisp and well-pressed object to be found on department-store racks; rather, that clump of fabric on the floor, negligently dropped there when the boy stepped out of them, careless, lazy, indifferent. The essence of an object has some relation with its destruction: not necessarily what remains after it has been used up, but what is thrown away as being of no use." — Roland Barthes

When taking a look at the garments on hand, there is a noticable shift towards the sculptural object since the designed surfaces as well as the materials used are ment to irritate the idea of a conventional garment, even though each of the garments is based on ordinary, wearable patterns.

Since all the garments are balancing on the border of wearability and abstraction they allow the viewer to go beyond their definition of a garment. They allow a close examination, an examination of their essence (if they have such a thing.)

Photography — Sanna Helena Berger
Graphic Design — HelloMe, Till Wiedeck
Patterns — (in Collaboration with) Lisa Haag
Hair & Makeup — Maike Bokma
Models — Alma Reuter (Viva), Lisa (Izaio), Kristin Keil (Viva)

Lizzie, WILDFOX F 14 White Label

Hello everyone! I've been SO busy I haven't had time for updates. Starting next week there will be a lot more!


I'm so happy to share this White Label shoot of our modern day Elizabeth Bennet, I had so much fun capturing the beautiful Charlbi and directing her as the romantic tomboy star of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice', she's just so inspiring and dreamy! I imagined Elizabeth today would have lopped off all that long hair to be more practical as she picnicked in Griffith Park, or hiked through the canyons of Malibu. Lizzie is the ultimate heroine, and quite a role model. We could all take a bit of a lesson from her story, to know when we are wrong, to know when we are silly, and to not judge a book by it's cover... you never know when you might be hanging out with your own Mr. Darcy.


New perfectly fit beanies, sweaters, cardi's, and dreamy outfits for all sorts of weather.





Sense & Eccentricity, WILDFOX Fall 2014

Hey Everyone! I'm back from Miami swim week and couldn't be more excited to post our FALL 14 campaign!!! This was so crazy to shoot out in the freezing snow and right after a storm. I am so excited for fall to come again this year, cozy nights playing board games and drinking hot chocolate...

This collection is very much inspired by Jane Austen and my English heritage. I loved growing up in West Sussex, even today I love to be in a place where you can really feel the seasons change. Jane Austen wrote love stories around seasons, she was one of the first young women to become famous for her beautiful, romantic novels about coming of age and trying to find your place in the world. She is one of the most widely read writers in English literature.

In my eyes Jane was the ultimate Wildfox girl; Hard working, poetic, confidant and extremely comical... and  it makes me sad she couldn't be alive today so I could have her over for dinner and a sleep over with all the girls.

Her stories are inspiring and still so relevant, they teach us about ourselves, our friendships, family, priorities and sacrifice. Growing up with an older sister I really looked up to her, she was my ultimate inspiration,  my eccentric, funny, drinking, laughing, hard working, incredibly cool role model. She gave me so many of the building blocks to become confidant and independent, to make comedy even in the hardest of times. She lives in England, in Brighton, a city by the sea, and I rarely get to see her so It's a bittersweet relationship that I think about often.

Siblings, whether they are blood or self made, are such an important part of growing up, of who you are and who you become.

Thus this collection is a dedication to the women who love us most, hate us most, forgive us most, to the women who make us laugh and cry, who give us that reality dose straight to the face, who keep us in line but also teach us to miss-behave... this collection is for them, for our sisters and for the ultimate sister,

                                                Jane Austen.




Photos by Mark Hunter

Photo Edit by Kimberley Gordon

Modeled by Maddison Brown, Isabella Oberg and Marnie Harris

makeup by Carlene K

Hair by Laura Polko

This collection will trickle in over the next 4 months, so keep checking back on the WILDFOX site for more pieces!

Also we have for sale the pink collection of Jane books, which are expensive to buy but I wanted for you all to see these perfect collectors editions... they are worth saving for! i splurged for a set and it's so worth it to pass down to my daughters and their daughters.


Born on the 4th of July, WILDFOX

I wasn't born in the USA, I moved here when I was 11 from England and I've always been passionate about my American Dream! The 4th of July means a lot to me, it is a time to celebrate what it means to be able to work hard and achieve my goals here in California. There are so many things I love about being an American Girl at heart...

Driving down PCH looking out at the ocean, music blasting, sandy toes, towels on the seats, best friends singing...

The freedom to be a woman in control of her future, to have the privilege to fight for the things we believe in, this is a special thing and in some other countries women will never get the chance to even see or feel  their own talents.

I love what America has brought me, taught me and allowed me... but most of all I love that I have had the freedom to allow myself to work towards a better life.

I hope you enjoy these pics of Carolina Sanchez I shot for the 4th of July, a celebration of being a woman in this industry, and making almost ALL (excluding white label) of our WILDFOX clothing right here in Los Angeles!! We spend the money it takes on our California made collections and strive for the best quality, creating more and more jobs for all sorts of people right here at home... most of those people women!! Let's celebrate what it is to be a woman in America. Tomorrow take time acknowledge what we take for granted on a daily basis.


Makeup by my powerful & beautiful Carlene K