The Carrie diaries, why it hurts.

One of the major reasons I am in fashion today is because of Sex and the City, I know pretty much every episode by heart. It has been there for me through breakups, major life changes, career changes, friendship losses, wardrobe changes and so much more. I've read Candace's books and I've read the new Carrie Diaries, I didn't LOVE it but it's entertaining.

Carrie is such an important fictional character for me and so many people, and Sarah Jessica Parker was the perfectly cast woman! I have ALWAYS loved SJP, in Footloose she stole my heart and then all her other 80's films she was just this perfect, bouncy, graceful, amazing actress. The combination of Sarah, Michael Patrick King, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon and Darren Star and that it was produced by HBO

made it the PERFECT show, well, the perfect show for me and millions of others.

We feel personally connected to these girls and a sort of "ownership" over the story! That's why it's so hard to imagine the prequel show which is now Now Officially At CW With ‘Gossip Girl’ Producers On Board.

I feel like the show has the potential to be really great but certain aspects are going to detract from it's greatness, I love Josh Schwartz I think he is really talented but I would hate for this to turn into some sort of teenage mess with ridiculous, repetitive story lines (after it's first season premiere)

BUT the biggest fear of all is the casting. Who can they possibly get to play Carrie?? If they dare do something like put the perfect Blake Lively in her place I will be so sad! So, in the hopes that someone at the CW is reading this, here are some casting suggestions that would help ease the pain of Sex and the City without Sarah:


Carrie: someone unusual, lively, and stunning in less commercial sense, such as Saoirse Ronan


Young SJP in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Miranda: Someone understated, elegant and super talented like Mia Wasikowska

A young Cynthia


It's so hard!

How about Charlotte and Samantha?

You guys have anyone you would love to see in this series to try and see it save itself?

How do you feel about it coming out and what did the girls mean to you?