transparent roses photographic series by alexander james


Image © 2000 - 2013 Alexander James Distil Ennui Studio™. '

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London-based photographer alexander james has begun releasing images from his 'glass' series - a collection of photographs born from a process
that naturally removes all the pigment from the capillaries in rose petals, developed specially by the artist. james is well known for his underwater imagery,
with this latest series involving a complex technique that over time replaces the flower's coloring with highly purified water,
leaving behind only the skeletal fibre and plant structure visible - all while the plant still lives and grows.
the striking imagery immortalizes the ethereal billowing blooms underwater without the use of post production
the gossamer forms alluding to the richness and fragility of life through the language of nature.

james says of his work:


'I create meticulously crafted sculptural scenes immersed in huge dark tanks of water. for the most part I destroy these creations,
leaving behind only the medium format transparencies as documents of these acts. the introduction of water in this way serves its
purpose both symbolically and as the functional device through which I achieve the painterly effect of these works.

these images are always presented ‘as-shot’ without the use of post production; either traditional or digital.
it is this dedication to in-camera purity that establishes a predominant focal point for my practice.
I want to cross out the boundaries between sculpture, painting and photography; the more obscured they are, the more you will want to explore.

for me the quality of the work and the purity of the process is paramount, distilling elements out with the strong use of deep blacks;
conveying rich layers of meaning in what at first appear deceptively simple images.'