WIldfox art contest winners!!

Congratulations to these young ladies for their submissions into our 100,000 followers contest. I hope they enjoy their new clothing!

Congrats Brigitte May

She even sells her prints, such a talented girl! We love this special Wildfox piece.



Congrats Clementine!!


"My name is Julia Trotti and I am a 21 year old photographer from Sydney, Australia. This is why I think I should win your "What makes me a Wildfox" contest with my art, my passion and my livelihood: photography.

I’ve always been a lover of the ugly pretty. I don’t mind shooting in harsh sunlight or when my model is looking the other way or has a tangled mess of hair on her face. My camera clicks when someone takes a deep breath in or are tying their shoelaces on the side of the road.

My photography is full of life and movement, and that makes me a Wildfox. On my shoots, we are never standing still. We scale rocks to shoot on the cliffs by the angry ocean and find refuge from the rain under big trees. I like to shoot knees with bruises and hands rubbing tired eyes with dirt underneath plain fingernails. I like to run around barefoot in the forest with the Wildfox I am taking pictures of in the few minutes of blue light after the sun sets and before the night sets in. I want to shoot designer clothing in the ocean and climb trees in dresses."

Congrats Julia for your beautiful photography submissions. Check out her work:



"I'm a 22 year old Illustrator from Sydney, Australia and I ADORE you guys. I wanted to introduce you to some of my artwork, which carries the same, vintage flavour as you guys have.

What makes me a wildfox? I'm not afraid to take inspiration from the things I loved as a kid. Pastel colours, scrunchies, big hair and lots of denim. If it makes me feel good, I wear it and create it! My personal style is closely linked with my art, and I'm always on the hunt for things that have both a vintage edge and a new flavour."

Congrats Rhea! What an amazing, 80's style original drawing. Go and see her other amazing comics


And Congrats to Magdalena who wrote and composed a song for us. Very impressive!!

Listen to it HERE