Indio Pony

This shoot was so fun for me to do because it gave me the opportunity to pay homage to my own  crazy festival days. I thought I'd share some of my own festival diary entries, they transport me right back to Coachella, Burning Man, Lighting in a Bottle and many more we used to attend. I was with the girls last night watching Kelsey of "Flower Girl Los Angeles" tickle her 1 year old and listening to Cassandra talk about her production for bikini line "Minimale Animale"

"Just any excuse to dress up" Cassandra reminded me as we sipped wine and laughed hysterically, we turned on New Young Pony Club from 2007 and danced in the kitchen as Kelsey loaded the dishwasher.

In your 20's you feel you'll be young forever, you'll always have the opportunity to wear faux fur leg warmers and glitter stickers on your face... but you don't. We grow up and put those things away, and it's a natural transition but a sad moment to realize you are just too old to go crazy with the body paint.

I encourage all of you young and young at heart to let go, free yourself and get out of town. Take on any character you are channeling, become a new girl, present a powerful and outrageous version of yourself... live all the way. I hope Wildfox can always be there for your unique outfits, for the girl you've always wanted to be, for your inspiration. XXX


Photos, styling and hair by Kimberley Gordon

Model: Montana Cox, makeup and retouch free!


FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2007

palm springs and the way a golf cart feels in the dark

Last year during coachella we never made it to the festival we ended up in the house all weekend drunk off margaritas and crawling around on the carpet. At night we took the golf cart out in the pitch black and got soaked by high pressure sprinklers. We laughed we fell in love and we danced.

I sit and think about Palm Springs and feel a rush of anxiety as i imagine walking through the large crowds at Coachella and all the girls are beautiful and the boys are preoccupied or on mushrooms and I remember junior High and thats how it feels to think of the concert. I will lay by a pool with interesting people and we will swim at night in the heat and I will wear my rasta bikini and Chris will probably be there kissing me and he's very cute but I can't seem to let go of something that's holding me back. Something is stopping me from...crushing... from feeling anything.

It's probably Ben Mackenzie. HA.

This year I think it will be quite similar to last year except perhaps a little more glamorous. We will be stopping in at the GQ party and I made a feather necklace to wear to detract from my +++ pale skin. Sexy.
Good luck to me and Emily. And, dear God, dont let us get caught*

*you know what Im referring to God.

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2007

boys who play guitar

This afternoon we returned from Coachella worn out of course just a little. I drifted in and out of sleep in the car dreaming of how we sat laughing on top of Ashleys van listening to loud 70's music. I've gotten to that point in a breakup where you completley forget what the person looks like or smells like or sounds like and you aren't sad anymore. But I am full crush proof at this point finding it hard to develop interest in anything except work. I'm thinking this is a good thing. There are just so many silly dorky boys you don't even realize it until youre single enough to see. It's so hot in my room, my shirt is sticking to my back and it is gross. The graveyard movies start again this weekend, they always mark the beginning of summer the beginning of new things and happiness and swimming and smiles mark the beginning of boys who play guitar. I hope I meet a boy who shoots archery this summer and takes lots of photos and likes to watch the discovery channel or animal planet. I wouldn't mind shooting arrows and maybe going for a swim in a lake. That would be nice. I want to lose 10 pounds but i think wanting that is a little ridiculous like paris hilton wanting a more expensive car sort of thing. Im happy with what I have. I miss Kelsey.

My mother isn't moving Im over joyed!

Ashley and Adarsha and I sat up front of his van hauling down the open road in Palm Springs. Ashley lost Jael at the concert with all the shit but he had her ticket. She was getting recognized too much and was wearing a wig and we ran all over looking for her but were not lucky enough to find her.

Adarsha showed me many sides I'd never seen and I enjoyed them all and Petecia did a funny dance in front of me at the air show. Pantea let me sleep on their circle couch.

I miss work. Im glad to be home. I love my friends. I love you all I had the BEST weekend.

bring on the boys and their instruments I SO need to kiss lots of them.