Wine Time, Bitch!! Myself and Marissa A Ross get silly.

Hey guys!! I did a wine time with Marissa A Ross... ahahah, I cant believe she talked me into getting drunk on camera! I would def give this a PG 13 rating for language and excessive drinking. Ahahahaha, hope you enjoy it and laugh out loud a little at our gradual drunkeness. I also go tto feature my favorite Ab Fab vodka left over from a big sleepover, Stoli! XX


Flashback! Me and Marissa blabbing for an hour

I have this video on my 'This is me' nav page that Marissa and I recorded live for 'Hello Giggles'but I hadnt thought about it in forever and watched it again yesterday. It's quite humourous at some points and then quite boring at some points for those who dont know us, but for those of you who wonder about this inspiration blog author (yours truly), it's a pretty acurate representation of me and how I am with my friends, haha.


It's also a little pre post before I post more episodes of Marissa's show, 'Tangents and the Times', on Monday!! YES!!! Oh man, I wish her show was on HBO and I could watch it over and over for hours.





Christina's voice

Christina wore our Spring seeing stars sweater on the voice last night, and I have to say I always get excited to see her in our things because she was so influential to me as a designer. The 90s pop culture, boy/girl band explosion warranted the most hilarious crop tops, gigantic sneakers, and sparkly, over the top girly casual couture and I loved it. So much so that I wanted to lick the pages of my teen magazines, jump into a Christina video and dance around that campfire in nothing but a knit bikini bra and hip hugging, torn to shreds shorts.

I look back at these memories with great fondness, and every once in a while I re-watch those old videos, time traveling with my mind.



High school Britney obsession

I remember we would sew our clothes and cut up our jeans to look like this video. It's so atrocious/ amazing

I was in love. It's my favorite B video for sure, I read somewhere recently, I think in V mag (?) that it washer favorite also when asked in an interview. I have had elaborate dreams about being her friend, I wish it were true. I would love to style her :)

her favorite video also, I died.