Flashback! Me and Marissa blabbing for an hour

I have this video on my 'This is me' nav page that Marissa and I recorded live for 'Hello Giggles'but I hadnt thought about it in forever and watched it again yesterday. It's quite humourous at some points and then quite boring at some points for those who dont know us, but for those of you who wonder about this inspiration blog author (yours truly), it's a pretty acurate representation of me and how I am with my friends, haha.


It's also a little pre post before I post more episodes of Marissa's show, 'Tangents and the Times', on Monday!! YES!!! Oh man, I wish her show was on HBO and I could watch it over and over for hours.




[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVgHAJKnYXE&w=960&h=720]