Stare at the Sun, Wildfox sunglasses are here!

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Wildfox Sun
Summer 2012
“Stare At The Sun”

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles-based womens brand Wildfox Couture launches its premiere Wildfox Sun sunglass collection for Summer 2012.  The range was designed and developed by eyewear designer Benjamin Montoya of Benjamin Eyewear, who was inspired to create “A classic, well thought out collection heavily influenced and balanced with the palette and energy of Wildfox.”

The frames are handmade using a mixture of both acetate and metal, the acetate pieces comprise approximately 70% of the collection while metal and metal-acetate combination pieces make up the balance.  The primary lens materials used vary from solid to gradient color options in grey, rose, and brown, while some are either traditional mirror or multi colored mirror coated.

The “Classic Fox” is an oversized wayfarer-style frame made of heavy acetate and is offered in black, matte black, pink, and tortoise colors.  A “Classic Mirror Fox” group offers a variety of Classic Fox frames with lenses in blue multi colored mirror, pink/purple or gold mirror choices.  The “Juliet” is essentially the Classic Fox style, but with a miniature star pattern etched across the top of the frame and is offered in matte black, red, pink, tortoise, and cream.  Both “Bel Air” and “Twiggy” styles feature a modern take on a retro design with round acetate frames in black, pink, or white.  Each of the round metal “Starstruck” and “Winona” frames come in either gold or silver with or without a star design embedded in the lenses.  

Wildfox Sale

Wildfox sale!

You want it, and we hear you! Here's your guide to Wildfox sale.

The best place to find Wildfox sale items is on our online store. The next best place is at our sample sales, which are held on in downtown Los Angeles. Here, you're bound to find California cool Wildfox tees, sweaters, dresses, and sweatpants from the current and previous seasons. You might even find a special Wildfox Couture item that you can't find anywhere else! If you'd like to attend one of our sample sales, you should follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. We always tweet invitations to our sales. At Wildfox, we love our breezy beach babes, so we always keep you in the loop.

Sales are held on select Fridays at our showroom at the Cooper Design Space at 9th and Los Angeles (860 S Los Angeles Street). It's cash only, so make sure you stop at the ATM first! Here's a photo of our pretty pastel showroom.

And this is what our sample sales sometimes look like!

We usually have graphic tees, baggy beach jumpers, dresses, pants, shorts, and sweaters on sale. Pieces on sale will be from our current collection, but you can get a sneak peak of our upcoming seasons in the showroom. We might even have some pieces from our new swimwear line, which showed on the runway in 2010, and launched Spring 2011. You might even get to meet Nicole, our showroom and sales superstar, or Kim & Emily - the designer duo behind the magic at Wildfox Couture!

If you're not in LA, you can still find Wildfox sale items. We usually have a sale section on our website. Another option is to find sale items through your local Wildfox retailers, which you can find listed here. Another option is browsing our online retailers. Wildfox is stocked by major retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom (April 5th!).

Until you can get your hands on Wildfox sale items, you can check out our new collaboration with the amazing author Francesca Lia Block called Magical Creatures. It's a story about three different Wildfox girls with candy-colored hair. They live in a magical world of iced watermelon cream soda in the sun and big warm mugs of coffee by the window when it rains. Or, watch our latest lookbook video for our Spring 2012 Season.[vimeo 37764985 w=400 h=225]

Wildfox Spring 2012 "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" from WILDFOX PR on Vimeo


Why Spend?

When you buy expensive things from high end brands you are not only buying this thing, this necklace, perfume, T shirt, lipstick or what have you, you are also helping that brand stay afloat, to give you those great campaigns, beautiful models, talented, expensive designers, runway shows, and superb quality that doesn't fade. It is always important to remember why things cost money and why things don't and to remember you are paying for much more than just your item, you are buying and supporting a lifestyle. It's really nice, when you think about it!

When I was younger I shopped at places like Forever 21, now I realize what that company has to sacrifice to keep their prices so low, including low pay for their employees, bad fabrics (in many ways), cheap factories, and the stealing of other people's creativity and hard work. If you haven't got the money for designer please consider looking for local brands or vintage, if you regularly shop somewhere cheap check out it's history and make sure you aren't supporting something you don't believe in!

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Wildfox clothes are made safely and awesomely. We love to support good people and give you the quality and ethical clothing you deserve :)

Wildfox shopping!

Wildfox White Label is here. The January delivery of Wildfox is in our store NOW! So many cute things, these are my personal favorites in there. Also, White Label January is available now in the store, inluding the tan shorts with gold crosses. Woohoo!

(Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere)





and we heard your requests, there is a TON of stuff on sale