Answers :)

A :I have a question for you... I just want to know how you deal with the pressure to continually create fresh concepts? That is, assuming you feel that pressure...? How do you stay positive and confident in your choices? Thanks.


Kim: It does all look like fun and games, but it is very stressful and sometimes we fight, cry, get worn out and all that. But the easiest part of our work is being inspired! Sometimes we lose faith in our concepts but we gain it back when we see all our lovely followers responses. We don't follow trends as much as we just follow our hearts and that really helps us come up with ideas. We stay "fresh" by staying true to what we really believe in and not wavering from our concepts.


Olso: I love the graphic design and the typography! Is it hand designed text? Who did the graphic design on your team may I ask?


Kim: Emily and I do all the graphic design for Wildfox, it's an insane amount of work. LOL. Meredith Leyerzaph does all our pattern making and brings my silhouette concepts to life :)


Rebecca:Just amazing! Are the trousers (bell-bottoms/flares) wildfox too? want! haha


Kim: All of the huge, printed bell botttom skirt/trousers are Wildfox! They are a new addition that I am very proud of. Emily drew the beautiful bird graphics on the white ones.