Christmas time, in many cities

One Aldwych, London

My Nephew, Caiden

East Grinstead, my home town

Witch graves, East Grinstead

My sister Lucy and my nephew

Hope and Harlequin vintage, Brighton


To be worn again, Brighton

The house I rented in Brighton was amazing, owned by Polly who designs "Draw in Light" check out her stuff!


My mother and I drove out to the country for christmas, her cousin Jane rented a house in Gloucestershire

We shared this room, like Elizabeth and Jane Bennet... a tight squeeze, but fit for Jane Austen



The town was built in the 1400's, it was so beautiful.

My great uncle Alan and my mother

The long and winding road... to the pub, look at my chic mum

My mother and I painted with light her cousin Janes name, my mum was a natural at it, this was her second try

I hadn't met many of my mothers family members so it was such a pleasure to meet so many at once! We had a really fun time together!

After a long, long struggle at heathrow ( I hate that airport) I managed to arrive safely in Paris to see my boyfriend and his family

Went vintage shoppung at Free P star, which was pretty good, found a vintage "J'adore Dior" t shirt that is hideous/awesome

Went to an AMAZING vintage store called NOIR KENNEDY all very punk rock/90's, the owner was quite fabulous also.

David and I, New Years eve at our friends apartment.