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Kimberley Gordon is the Co founder and former Creative Director of the brand  WILDFOX

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The Feeling of summer... WILDFOX 2015

Our summer collection is finally here, and clothing will hit the online store first thing tomorrow morning, WILDFOX.COM and will be getting more and more product over the next 3 months! So cute and easy and so many things to throw on with your friends for a beach trip! I wanted the collection to have the feeling of reading an easy summer beach house novel, with addicting female characters staying at their beach house in the Hamptons, they are 1970’s New Yorkers that Woody Allen would have obsessed about. I also wanted to convey the true feeling of summer, what it is to me; going barefoot down the back path out onto the beach, coming back to the house after a long day in the sun with big easy T shirts and slightly sunburned skin. I love in the summer when you have all your girlfriends in the house and there are wet bikinis strewn in the shower, sunscreens and perfumes all over the sink counters, the smell of bacon at 11am… Dad singing in the kitchen, and just the freedom to do nothing, maybe a little shellfish grocery shopping at the corner market and blasting Frank Sinatra in an old family vacation home. I love in the summer when you’ve been out late with the girls and wake up together in bed, sand all over the sheets, still wearing your bathing suit with just a hoodie on over it. Summer is magic. California has almost a permanent summer and growing up here leaves you with tons of unforgettable beach memories, but what I really love is after the beach… the parents house that you laze around in and call boys for hours to arrange that nights bonfire.

My muses were absolutely Dianne Keaton circa 1970’s, and also my girlfriends in High school who are just stunning and wild… we were unstoppable in the summer.

Honestly I couldn’t sum this up with a paragraph, that’s why I was so compelled to write a short story. I hope you enjoy it!!

I love this version by Michael Buble, I know it's cheesy but it's so feel good summer to me! Play it while you read and look through the images :)

Starring Josefien Rodermans & Aurelia Gliwska

Photos by Mark Hunter, with Kimberley Gordon

Hair by Nina Lucas

Makeup by Carlene K

See the whole look book below:

Sasha in a dream treehouse & perfect outfits...

Shabby, Saturday afternoons